We are What We Breathe


The world of Indoor Air Quality is a hotbed of contested topics as it turns out.

What’s hard to dispute is lots of toxic chemicals end up in the air of our buildings:



What is up for debate apparently is if plants actually do clean the indoor air.

I have touted studies that seem to prove they do.

There are however people who point to many of those same studies, by NASA  in the 80’s, as well as others, and declare:

They are not applicable to real world situations!


Their basic argument against houseplants cleaning the air is that the experiments have all been done in a vacuum, or sealed area.  The same plants used in actual buildings apparently have little to no effect on the cleanliness of the air – so the authors say.  The air quality of our modern buildings is by and large a product of the quality of the HVAC systems they have installed and maintained.  Fair enough.  And the majority of the air cleaning that was thought to be done by plants and proven in the NASA et al experiments is actually being done by the plants’ roots – of which very little air in legacy plant containers is allowed to pass through that area thereby reducing even further the effectiveness of the plants to clean the air in actual buildings.

A rebuttal to that argument is to move the air in our buildings through the root systems of plants.  Of course!  These guys have written a nice counter-perspective to the buildingecology.com guys and created just such a product where they use fans and hydroponic methods to pass air directly over the roots of the plants in their system to clean the air inside buildings.


I think that the Nedlaw products and others are heading in a fantastic direction and over the course of the next few years surely more of these types of products will be seen in our hotels, offices and homes.  In the meantime, should we wait for these products to magically appear in our offices, hotels and homes “sometime” in the near future? No, a better choice is to start with a small indoor planter and then go from there.   We don’t have to become botanists to understand that having plants like this one is good for a lot of things:



The nature therapy alone is worth it!







Breathe in Breathe Out



Digging into the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) scene has opened up a huge rabbit hole.  I love controversy so you’d think I’d be excited to be launching down a path I haven’t yet travelled.  As an example, I was referred to the EPA website on IAQ and it is pretty overwhelming.  Check it out here:


This looks to be a topic where there is a lot of information and some serious consequences to peoples overall health.


So of course for me I like to look at nature and plants to see if we can solve our issues or at least help mitigate.  As the video above shows, the data coming in is extensive and brilliant people are hard at work trying to design our structures to be more healthy.  New regulations and laws will undoubtedly help in building technology but until these come down the pike, how about we just overload our structures with plant life?  Can’t hurt and has been proven to help.


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Inside is the New Outside


Looking into how we are spending our time has been revealing.  Various sources differ slightly on actual percentages, but with the overlying obvious fact is that people are indoor animals – for the most part.  Apparently, most people spend more than 90% of their time inside.  A remarkable fact.  Inside is the new outside.

So that being said it makes more sense than ever to add plant life into your indoor environment.  Living walls are making an impact without question.  However the initial investment and space requirements might prove to be obstacles.  Our advice is don’t wait for these products to come to your office.  Start with a few small plants for your desk and those of co-workers.  You will notice that soon everyone wants them.  A true win-win.  Your air gets cleaner and productivity improves.

You can easily order a new plant here or simply sign up for a subscription so you can systematically add plant life to your indoor environments.




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Plant Workers


We found this excellent video this morning.  If after watching this you feel a little queasy about your office or home indoor environment, don’t worry.

You can do something about your indoor health!  The plants featured in the video and recommended by us are really easy to grow!  The statistics keep rolling in that with the ridiculous amount of time people spend indoors the environment inside becomes critical to our overall health.  Just thinking about the off-gassing of furniture and appliances should be enough to at least inquire about adding some indoor plants to your home or office.  Let alone the cost to operate these facilities that result in poor living conditions.  What a lose-lose deal.  Instead, if we put a nice amount of plants in our buildings we can reduce the operating costs and increase the health of our occupants.  A true win-win.



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Air Supply


Today we found a nice article citing the NASA study from the 80’s  about which indoor plants clean the air the best.  A solid read with excellent pictures of 16 fantastic indoor plants that do the heavy lifting of air cleaning.


Once you know you need to clean your air, we are liking what we see coming out of Naava.

Check out their living wall concept that is taking off:


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